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Sapp Sounds Off On Gerald McCoy

Hall of Fame tackle Warren Sapp was not in the mood for mincing words when speaking about former Buccaneer Gerald McCoy

Miami Dolphins v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Say what you will about Warren Sapp the person. It doesn’t matter if you love him or hate him, there are few as qualified as he when it comes to speaking about playing defensive tackle at the highest of levels.

Sapp joined the guys from Pewter Report on the latest edition of the Pewter Nation Podcast following Ronde Barber’s press conference for his Ring of Honor induction. While on the show, the topic of Gerald McCoy was brought up and Sapp teed off like Tiger Woods in his prime;

“The thing that kinda threw me sideways was, Gerald talkin’ about this organization not having a right or it’s business that they moved on. Y’know, they moved on. And then he wanted to say, y’know, Sapp, Brooks, LeeRoy, Lynch, Ronde - nobody wore their numbers. Last time I checked, those are Hall of Famers and champions.

We didn’t go to one playoff game and not one damn divisional title, so I think he owe some of that $100-million back if you gonna give it to me in that sense. If you gonna put it up against the bad asses that rolled through this ***** before you, you better put up some chips in this game ‘cause that’s the way it is!

He didn’t have no chips in this game. No defensive player of the year - that’s what Brooks and Lynch did. That’s what Lee Roy Selmon is. I mean, Lynch got his name in two damn Ring of Honors. What am I missing, Gerald?

Sapp went on to talk about McCoy blaming the Bucs for the split and being angry about his number 93 being reissued so quickly;

If you mad, you mad - but don’t put it on the organization like the organization did it. Every NFL team has to move on. He was a damn good player, not a legend. You damn sure don’t get legendary status or tell someone to put your jersey up if you didn’t get them to no playoff game.

He’s a nice guy. Nice guys finish last. That’s why his jersey gettin worn.”

Um...ouch. There was more to the interview than just this on McCoy as well as Sapp sounding off on Vita Vea and Ndamukong Suh.

For the entire episode of the podcast, click here - and I highly recommend that you do.

Look, as I said earlier, you can say whatever you want about McCoy and Sapp as people. When it comes to on the field, those two aren’t even in the same stratosphere. McCoy has his fresh start in Carolina, the Bucs have their fresh start with a new regime and new players. Time will tell if fences will be mended and McCoy ends up in the Ring of Honor. For now, he’s with a division rival so the Bucs have as big a target on him as he has on the Bucs.

It won’t be long until we see which side lands the initial blow.