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Bucs 2019 Training Camp: Day 5 Notes And Highlights

The offense made several steps in the right direction.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Training Camp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Practice was held outside for the full two and a half hours today, and boy was it HOT.

Nevertheless, you won’t hear a peep from me. Having the opportunity to cover training camp is a dream come true and I’ll allow myself to be dragged through a glass-covered alley just to be here.

Eh, on second though, I don’t know about that.

Distraction: Hey! Training camp talk!

1. Jameis Winston was very, very good.

Just like Byron Leftwich said during Tuesday’s media availability: it only was a matter of time before Winston would start to make plays in camp.

He did just so on Day 5. He was accurate with the majority of his passes and he also took the time to check down when needed, as well as scramble when the play called for it.

This was easily his best day and hopefully he continues to build off of it. If he can do that, then we should really start to see a difference as camp moves forward.

2. Mike Evans cramps up.

It was nothing serious, but you still hate to see your best player having issues. Arians said he was receiving fluids after practice. With a rest day on Wednesday, Evans should be back in action on Thursday.

3. Sean Murphy-Bunting ran with the ones because Carlton Davis III “pulled up.”

One of my first observations on the day. SMB was playing all day with the ones, but Davis was nowhere to be found. I didn’t even see Davis until about the last 30 minutes of practice, but he was in full pads, so I thought maybe it was a strategical move by the staff.

But alas, Arians told me after practice that SMB was with the ones because Carlton “pulled up” and will be looked at later on.

It doesn’t sound serious, but it will definitely be something to monitor on Thursday.

4. The offensive line was not very good.

Yea, they weren’t very good outside of allowing some outside runs from Rojo. The quarterbacks were under pressure pretty often and there was no push up front when the Bucs wanted to run between the tackles.

I couldn’t identify the reasons why, but one of the biggest question marks of the offseason is still exactly that - a question.

5. Jameis to Mike Evans was alive today.

The two looked to be in mid-season form, connecting all over the field.

6. An overall good performance from the running backs, but Ronald Jones was the man.

It started with pass protection drills - which Arians commended after practice - and permeated onto the field in 11-on-11s.

The backs made several good catches and a few good runs, but it was nothing like the work RoJo put in, which has to get people excited.

He broke off at least four runs of 15 yards or more, doing most of his damage on the perimeter of the defense.

His two best plays of the day came during 11-on-11s. The first one was a great run-after-the-catch in which he broke four tackles while dancing on the sideline, before coughing the ball up to the defense. If it weren’t for the fumble, it would’ve certainly been the play of the day.

He immediately made up for the fumble on his next run, which was at least a 40-yard scamper down the sideline that ended just a yard short of the goal line.

Keep it high and tight, Rojo, and you’ll be just fine.

7. No more tackling for Jameis.

Sooo yea. This wasn’t necessarily a “scary moment” but it’s definitely something you don’t want to see your quarterback doing in training camp.

After RoJo’s fumble, Jordan Whitehead picked the ball and attempted to run it back to the other end zone. All of a sudden, Winston comes flying in to make the tackle, but misses and hits the turf hard.

You gotta love Winston’s fire, but hell, this is training camp. It’s ok to let this one go, bud.

Even Arians said “that’s enough of that” after camp.

I’m inclined to agree, Bruce.

8. Vernon Hargreaves is still making plays.

He had an interception today, making it the third day in a row that he’s forced a turnover.

Even though it was a bad pass from Blaine Gabbert, it’s good to see the senior corner taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

9. Kentrell Brice should make this roster.

Brice has had a very, very good past two days of practice and is beginning to look very comfortable in this defense.

He would’ve killed Gabbert on a safety blitz on Monday if it had been a real game and he would’ve obliterated RoJo on Tuesday if it had been the same circumstances.

He looks to be the favorite to win the number two starting FS job as of now. As long as he keeps this up, there will be no reason to think he shouldn’t win it.

10. Cairos Santos is probably behind Matt Gay after today.

Santos missed a 46- and 62-yarder (unofficial distance) and missed both of his attempts in the hurry-up drill. He did hit three kicks from 50+, including a 60-yarder, but the real-game simulation misses are not good. Overall, he finished 6/10 on the day (unofficial).

We will see if Gay can officially get a step on Santos Thursday.

11. Competition for the starting running back job?

Arians said that there is definitely a competition for the number one job after practice. He also said that whomever is the lead back, it’ll be a helluva 1-2 punch, no matter what.

Get the popcorn out. The movie has officially begun.