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Buccaneers Defense Rounding Into Shape

Bowles defense dialed it up on day 3 of camp.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Training Camp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Buccaneer fans have been waiting patiently for the new look Todd Bowles led defense to take the field. Albeit it’s only the practice field, fans were given a taste of what’s to come this past week.

Our own Evan Winter touched on the front seven being effective on day 3 briefly, but the defenses success went beyond just the front seven. This defense is built on speed and aggression and it was on full display day 3 of the training camp. Bruce Arians touched on the subject to the media as well.

“That’s what we’ve built this defense on and we have it right across the board. They can all run. They’re high-motor guys and we’re going to have a lot of fun on defense.”

The team is full of youth on the back-end of things defensively and Arians was asked about that youth and if they can help bring some energy.

“Yes, they are, and they’re doing very well. They can have fun when they’re having success. You can’t have success unless you know what you’re doing, and these guys are really bright.”

The intensity of the unit overall has been a pleasant change of pace and according to Arians, the new coaches can be thanked.

“That is everyday. That’s the way we play. [With] coach [Nick] Rapone [and] coach [Kevin] Ross, they’re not going to come out here without being jacked up.”

Arguably the biggest attraction to Arians and Bowles staff was the notion that players would be put in a position to succeed. In particular, the scheme would be built to fit the players. According to rookie Jamel Dean, that’s exactly what is happening.

“What I know is that Coach Bowles usually makes play calls based off who’s on the field, and then he makes the call that’s in our favor so we can play to our strengths.”

With the first week in the books for training camp, there’s a lot to like out of what the defense has shown. It’s still very early, and relatively speaking in football, defense wins the early rounds while the offense gets things going. For now, the arrow is pointing in the right direction for this defense.