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Buccaneers training camp 2019: Q&A with CB Sean Murphy-Bunting

After Saturday’s practice, Bucs Nation had a chance to catch up with rookie cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting.

NFL: JUN 05 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Minicamp Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’re two days into Buccaneers training camp, and there have been plenty of takeaways already.

One of the bigger highlights of the first two days of practice was the play of rookie cornerback Sean Murphy-Bunting. He has been making plays left and right, working both at nickel and on the outside. On Saturday, he came up with an interception in a passing drill and later came up with an impressive pass breakup during 11-on-11s.

After Saturday’s practice, Bucs Nation got a chance to talk with Tampa Bay’s 2019 second-round pick about his thoughts on Todd Bowles’ defense, his level of comfort so far and the young secondary as a whole.

Q: You had a big first two days of camp. How comfortable are you feeling right now with this defense?

A: “Definitely getting a lot [more] comfortable. Understanding more parts of just what I’m playing. It’s kind of making the whole job a lot easier for me. At the same time, the veteran guys are kinda helping me establish my identity and helping me develop into the player I want to be.”

Q: This defense is a lot about attacking. What’re your thoughts on that aspect of the system?

A: “Of course, I like to attack the quarterback. I like when the ball comes out quick. It’s a lot of man to man, it’s a lot of zone... It’s a combination of everything you kind of want as a corner. [Todd] Bowles is definitely a great coordinator, and people know that. Everyone knows that. It’s a blessing to be able to play for him.”

Q: You had that one-handed pass breakup in the end zone during 11-on-11s. Can you talk about that play in particular?

A: “I was playing off, so I was able to read him. I saw that it was more of a three-step, but he was kind of waiting too long for it to be a slant. Kinda broke on it like more of an out-and-up type of thing, a slant-and-up. I went up, thought I was gonna grab it and I brought it down. I started to lose it — I knew I was losing it at the same time — and I tried to cuff it under my leg.”

Q: With a lot of young guys being asked to step up and produce in the secondary, do you guys feel ready to take that on?

A: “I feel like we’re all ready. I feel like there’s obviously a lot more to improve. We can improve in a lot of aspects of our game, each and every one of us. But we’re enjoying it, we’re embracing it. We’re just ready to work and ready to grind.”