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Arians Talks Weight Loss, Winston, And Playoffs

Bruce Arians joined the Rich Eisen show to hit on some important points before camp officially kicks off

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Arians isn’t the kind of coach who speaks just to hear himself talk. When he speaks, it’s with purpose and honesty. That’s one of the best things about the new head coach - he’s gonna give it you straight.

When Arians joined the Rich Eisen show on Thursday, he had a few things well worth hearing. Eisen started by checking in on Arians’ health, to which Arians told him how important exercise had become in his daily life;

“(Because of) those operations, I’m getting my core back. Trying to hit that driver ten yards further.

I lost twenty-three pounds this spring. I can feel the difference already. I’m trying to lose some more before that first game, but trying to get some strength because it is a grind.”

Eisen would then move on to the headliner - Jameis Winston. Eisen pointed out some of the on and off field struggles Winston has gone through and wondered if Winston was the guy that could lead this Buccaneers team back to relevance;

“If anything, I’d ask him to quit working so hard. I mean, his work ethic is ridiculous. Enjoy some down time. He’s everything you could ask for as a coach as far as a pupil and a quarterback.

We put a better team around him. We’ve got to put a running game around him. We got unbelievable receivers - it’s probably the best situation I’ve ever stepped into receiver-wise, tight end-wise. We can put a running game around him and a better defense, a better kicking game. All those things will help him play quarterback rather than try to be Superman every game and make crazy throws because he thinks he has to.”

One other point that Arians made - and it’s not the first time - is the expectation of competing immediately. When he was hired, Arians referenced “reloading”, not “rebuilding” - and he doubled down on that Thursday;

“Playoffs. You gotta get into the tournament to win the Super Bowl. Nothing else will be acceptable. If you go into the season trying to just get better - that’s not me. We’re here to win and win now, so we’re in a tough division but you gotta get into the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl.”

Arians had plenty else to say, but for the full interview check out the video below or click here.