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Drafting Buccaneers: WR, Chris Godwin

Could Tampa Bay’s second receiver get closer to becoming a WR1 for your fantasy football team?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Running backs will be going early and often, but commonly it’s the mid-round picks like Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Chris Godwin who make or break your fantasy football title hopes.

Landing big-time value outside of the top two rounds is absolutely critical if you want bragging rights (and whatever trophy or award your league gives out) when it’s all said and done.

In 2018 Godwin was’s WR27 with 185.2 PPR points. Extremely good production for a guy who was considered to be behind both Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson in the Buccaneers wide receiver pecking order, and despite the fact he finished behind Adam Humphries on the receptions list in Tampa Bay.

Last season was quality over quantity. Yes Godwin increased his statistical output across the board, but he still finished third on the team in receptions with 59. Still, he finished second in yards with 842 and second again in touchdowns with seven.

2019 could be Godwin’s national breakout season where quality and quantity collide as Tampa Bay looks to replace the 117 receptions lost from last year with the departures of Jackson and Humphries.

But, before we get too far into 2019, let’s continue our look at 2018.


The former Penn State standout has yet to miss a game in his two-year career, but has only been credited with seven starts up to this point. This year, his starts are sure to spike and if history is any indicator, it’ll mean big numbers for the future. Here are two key observations from 2018 that will influence his 2019 potential.


If touchdowns are King in fantasy football, then availability is Queen. There are players every year who get completely dropped from draft boards because of their inconsistency in staying on the field.

Josh Gordon is one of the most talented receivers to ever touch an NFL field, but his lack of availability drives down his value every year.

Godwin hasn’t had this problem up to this point. Out of 32 possible games he could have been active and available, he has been for exactly 32 of them.

Drafting this Buccaneers receiver might bring with it certain concerns, but wondering if you’ll have a player to put in your ‘WR’ slot isn’t one of them. Well, outside of the bye week of course.


From a fantasy football standpoint, four fumbles with one lost isn’t going to be a big red mark. But when you’re setting your draft board, the four opportunities for lost points is still something be aware of.

A runner up in this category from 2018 could have been the ‘one ball’ dilemma stemming from existing in a very stacked group of playmakers. With Jackson and Humphries catching footballs elsewhere in 2019, Evans, Godwin and tight end O.J. Howard should split the lion’s share of targets.


This season was a big one for Godwin as he has a clear lane to being the second receiver in an already explosive offense with the potential to do even more under new head coach Bruce Arians and offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich.

Anyone paying attention to early off-season reviews of this Buccaneers offense has already heard the mounds of praise and potential being spread around about this specific receiver, and there are no signs the hype is anything but deserved.

WR27 in 2018 means he finished just outside of WR2 status in 12-Team formats last season. Increased targets and fewer hands in the target’s pot should aid in Godwin’s ascension into weekly usage.

Increasing his value even more is his fantasy football schedule, projected to be 18th in the NFL by FantasyPros, could give him a leg-up when considering his value versus other receivers like Sammy Watkins (Kansas City Chiefs), Jarvis Landry (Cleveland Browns) and Robert Woods (Los Angeles Rams) who all have harder fantasy football schedules facing them in 2019.

Godwin has been a quality professional receiver since being drafted in the third-round of the 2017 NFL Draft. 2019 should be his year of increased usage, and if his season’s production increases by even ten percent, his stat line could look like this: 65 catches, 925-yards and eight touchdowns.

A modest increase considering the opportunity awaiting Godwin in 2019, and enough to help bring your fantasy football team consistent success.

2019 PROJECTION: WR20; Draft in the *5th round with an eye on the mid-late fourth if your draft goes wide receiver heavy early on.

*Draft projection based on 12-Team Leagues