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Ronald Jones looks ready as training camp is less than two weeks away

RoJo looks to have put on a solid 10-12 pounds of muscle this off-season

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If the Buccaneers offense is really going to take off under Bruce Arians, a key component to that will be last year’s second-round pick Ronald Jones.

As a rookie in 2018, Jones was a huge disappointment for a team who had high hopes for the former USC Trojan. Now, some of the disappointment stemmed from poor usage by the old staff and not playing to Jones strengths, but there is some blame to go around that lands on his shoulders directly.

We heard several times that he wasn’t studying the playbook as much as he should have been and as a result his confidence wasn’t where it needed to be during his rookie season.

With that being said, we have heard the hype for the better part of the off-season from the new coaching staff surrounding Ronald Jones, who is entering his second NFL season.

Really, ever since they arrived, they have had nothing but good things to say about Jones both on and off the field. Arians on several different occasions has mentioned Jones as a player who was ahead of everyone else in the off-season program.

It seems a key to turning things around for RoJo has been adjusting his habits off the field and getting his body to fit into that NFL mold.

The Buccaneers have him listed at 208 pounds on the team website, but a photo of Jones surfaced on twitter today and apparently he is a lot heavier then that.

It doesn’t look like Jones has put on bad weight either. He looks like he is pure muscle heading into 2019. You have to wonder whether or not Arians and other offensive coaches wanted Jones to put on that weight to help in pass protection.

As long as the added weight doesn’t effect the speed of RoJo, which is his main weapon, I have no problem with him coming to camp a bit heavier then last season.