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Las Vegas Hates The Bucs In 2019

Could be a cheap way to win some money, though.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Minicamp Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When you’re a NFL franchise coming off of two straight 5-11 seasons, have questions at quarterback and all over the defense, and have a new coaching in staff town - it’s easy to see why expectations for said franchise would be low.

But damn, it still hurts.

Apparently, Las Vegas doesn’t think much of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2019.

Westgate Superbook, a Vegas sports book that is proclaimed as the “World’s Largest Superbook” released its updated futures odds for the upcoming NFL season on Monday.

And guess what? Tampa Bay ain’t shit.

When the numbers were first released back on January 27th, the Bucs were fresh off the hiring of Bruce Arians and were staked at 60/1 odds to win Super Bowl LIV. Now, they sit at 100/1 odds, good for 22nd out 32 possible teams.

The odds to win the NFC Championship game were 30/1 and now sit at 50/1.

The Patriots (surprise) and Chiefs are tied atop the NFL at 6/1 to win it all. The Rams and Saints follow closely behind at 8/1. Those four teams are also the top favorites to win their respective conferences as well.

If a 6/1 comparative outlook makes you feel bad about the Bucs in 2019, this will make you feel even worse:

The Jets (80/1), Raiders (60/1), and 49ers (40/1) all currently have better odds to win the whole shebang than the Bucs.

As our own Bailey Adams would say - big yikes.

There is a slight bit of hope, though. Tampa Bay started off as 12/1 favorites to win the NFC South crown, but have improved to 10/1 over the past six months.

Finally! An offseason victory!

All jokes aside, the Saints (1/2) and Falcons (4/2) improved their odds as well, but the Panthers (6/1) remained stagnant.

A nine-game losing streak will do that every single time.

So will a late season loss to the Bucs.

(grinch smile)