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All-Time Buccaneers Fantasy Draft

Locked On Bucs is choosing sides

NFL Class of 2014 Enshrinement Ceremony Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

If you took every player who wore the Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform and made a fantasy roster of just those players, what would it look like?

Of course, like most fantasy rosters, this question would be determined in part by how many participants were in the draft.

In this case, it’s two as James Yarcho and I were challenged to undertaking just such a task by one listener of the Locked On Bucs Podcast.

And so, as promised, we wasted no time turning a good show idea from one of our listeners into a reality and set out to draft our squads of Bucs only candidates.

First we started with the offensive side of the ball. And things got interesting.

What would it look like if Jameis Winston threw to Joey Galloway and Jimmie Giles? What if Warrick Dunn ran behind a line featuring players like Davin Joseph, Randall McDaniel and Paul Gruber?

These are questions which come to mind once the two offensive units were put together.

Then, it was on to the defense. And tandem’s like Warren Sapp and Gerald McCoy collide with linebacker groups featuring Derrick Brooks and Lavonte David.

Which side would win out if these two All-Time Buccaneers squads got together? Perhaps, which players got snubbed? There were some surprising picks made by both sides that some Bucs fans would definitely disagree with if given the chance.

Of course, that’s part of the fun of these exercises. Hearing what others have to say about the reasons we would or wouldn’t draft one player over another.

Check out the full fantasy drafts on the Locked On Bucs Podcast, and drop your rosters in the comments after you gather up some other fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and put together your own!