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Bruce Arians voices extreme confidence in Cornerback group as OTA’s end

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

What was considered by many as the weakest position group on the team before the 2019 NFL draft, is now one that Bruce Arians loves heading into the 2019 season.

That position group is the cornerbacks and after an impressive 10 day period at OTA’s, the group as a whole has Bruce Arians really excited. There was no secret, Todd Bowles likes to run a scheme that requires many defensive backs to be on the field at once and the Buccaneers simply didn’t have enough quality football players at that position group.

Many fans were shocked when Tampa Bay selected three consecutive defensive backs in the draft, especially after picking two corners in the first two rounds last year as well, but it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise if you had been following along since Arians was hired.

It’s a pass-happy league and in a division that requires you to face guys like Drew Brees and Matt Ryan twice a year, you need to be able to cover downfield and that’s exactly what the Buccaneers plan was heading into the draft.

Of course, it’s always hard to judge players without the pads on and full judgement won’t be made on guys like Jamel Dean, Sean Murphy-Bunting and Mike Edwards until the real action gets underway, but it is encouraging that Bruce Arians had this to say following Friday’s practice.

With the team hurting for some rush off the edge, the secondary will need to hold up throughout the season, especially when Todd Bowles brings the house and the corners are left on an island.