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Devin White Reports To Rookie Camp, Bucs Social Media Has Some Fun

With rookie mini-camp getting ready to start, the Bucs’ twitter account had some fun following the first round pick

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

All eyes will be on Devin White after being the fifth overall pick in the NFL Draft last month and Thursday was no exception.

The Buccaneers are preparing to start rookie mini-camp and Devin White was obviously in the building. Not only that, but he teamed up with the Bucs’ social media team to officially announce his number choice.

It was originally reported that White would wear 41, leaving 40 alone out of respect for Buccaneers legend Mike Alstott. Somewhere along the line, White changed his mind. Not about leaving 40 alone, but about wearing 41;

As you can see, the Bucs also used the hashtag #GetLive45 which will surely be a social media calling card for White during the foreseeable future.

White also didn’t shy away from working out in front of the cameras as he waited for, well, more cameras;

And finally, there was the behind the scenes footage in the equipment room;

Although White wasn’t one of the draft picks that signed his contract on Thursday, that will certainly be coming sooner rather than later. The problem currently is not having enough cap space to sign a number five draft pick so moves are coming. The obvious speculation is that the Bucs will move on from Gerald McCoy.

For the time being, it will be exciting to see the Buccaneers’ draft class and undrafted free agents hit the field and work towards making it to training camp. As for White, the Bucs will be featuring him rather often on their social media accounts for quite a while.