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Three Bucs On The Roster Bubble After The NFL Draft

Life may get a bit hectic for these guys in the coming months.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

It’s pretty obvious that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 2019 draft class will have an impact on the roster moving forward.

I mean, that’s the life of a football player. We all know this by now.

So which players are currently on the outside looking in? This isn’t a death sentence by any means - the following players still have a shot to be around in September - but it’s going to be much harder to make the roster and there will be a lot more competition to deal with.

But if this team needs anything, it’s competition to figure out which players can make it under the new regime.

Here are the three Bucs on the roster bubble after the NFL Draft:

1. CB Ryan Smith

Even though he showed some flashes of improvement last year, it probably won’t be enough to keep Smith on the roster in 2019.

Not all of it has to do with poor play. The Bucs drafted two cornerbacks in the second round of the NFL Draft last year and then drafted two corners and one safety in this year’s draft.

Smith will cost the Bucs $2,025,000 after his dead money is accounted for, which is simply way too expensive whenever there are better options that also fit in the defense.

He is the odd man out at this point and I’d be shocked if he is still on the roster by the time training camp rolls around.

2. DE William Gholston

This could all change depending on the final prognosis of Jason Pierre-Paul’s injury. If JPP does miss a large chunk of the season, then Gholston will likely remain on the roster. Until we find out what’s really going on, I’ll leave him here.

To say that Gholston has underperformed since signing a 5-year/$27,000,000 deal before the 2017 season would be an understatement.

His stat line reads as such since the big payday: one sack and 47 tackles in 12 starts.

Gholston has made $13.5 million over the past two years. That comes out to $13.5 million per sack and $287,234.04 per tackle so far.

Boy, talk about a bargain.

He’s set to make $3.75 million in 2019, which is way too much, but he may now make the roster depending on what happens with Jason Pierre-Paul and Gerald McCoy.

It’s hard to imagine Gholston finding work elsewhere if he is cut by the Bucs. That’d likely require a pay cut as well, so why not just give the team a hometown discount?

3. K Cairo Santos

Yep, expect another kicking battle in Tampa Bay.

Santos’ job was officially put on the line when the Bucs took Matt Gay out of Utah in the fifth round of the NFL Draft. Both players are expected to compete for the starting job throughout the summer. New punter Bradley Pinion should handle kickoffs, so all eyes will be on the uprights.

There is a chance that Santos could win the job and make the Bucs look like idiots yet again for drafting a kicker.

This has become an annual festivity, one where we all hold our collective breath in hopes that a savior will come and save us fr-

Sorry. Please. Someone just win the damn job and win it because you were the best, not because you were the lesser of two evils.