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Buccaneers QB Coach wants quality over quantity from Jameis Winston.

A lot has been made of Winston’s long hours at the team facility, why will this off-seasons hours be different?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This past Thursday was a full on offensive media day for the Buccaneers, headlined by offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich and quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen. Both individuals spoke on the hard work that Jameis Winston puts in and in particular, the long hours that Tampa Bay’s quarterback is working in the team facility.

“Well, he’s over here really from five until five every day,” Leftwich told the media. Christensen echoed this sentiment, “I know this, it’s early and it’s late.”

If there’s anything fans know about Jameis Winston to this point in his career it’s that he is no slouch when it comes to spending time at the facility. What is also evident is that his time spent has not equated to the efficiency on the field that fans and his previous coaches would so desire.

Christensen touched on the subject a bit further here.

“Working hard isn’t always the answer, more isn’t always better. More isn’t always better throwing a football, playing quarterback, being in this building, more isn’t always better. We talked a lot about that and we’ll address it and certainly manage that schedule. With him, it will be having to rein him in a little bit, saying enough’s enough and ban him from the building.”

Coaches in the past have talked about having to push Winston out of the building but this is different. Christensen talks more of a plan for Winston. Something prior coaches didn’t make public in the least bit whether or not this plan of attack was considered in prior seasons. Having a clear head and working smarter may be just what Winston needs.

Throughout his career two things have remained consistent for Jameis Winston. Hard work and turnovers. If Christensen and Leftwich can find a balance for Jameis routine wise, hopefully that balance will transition onto the field for more consistent play.

Out of all the factors that will go into each Buccaneer victory and defeat in this upcoming season, none will factor more than the play of their quarterback. Tampa Bay needs Jameis Winston to live up to expectations and give them consistency behind the center that they haven’t had since Brad Johnson helped lead this team to the Super Bowl. Byron Leftwich and Clyde Christensen have a chance to groom Winston into the Buccaneers first true franchise quarterback. Can they do it? Can Jameis Winston be tamed?