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Lukas Denis Labeled Bucs ‘Most Exciting’ Undrafted Free Agent

With uncertainty at the safety position, one media site sees Denis as a candidate to compete with.

Massachusetts v Boston College

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a solid history of finding gems in the undrafted free agent market following the year’s NFL Draft. Because of this, fans of the team and those covering the team have developed a taste for trying to identify the next Cameron Brate or Adam Humphries in this year’s group.

According to Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox, this year’s man to watch is Boston College safety, Lukas Denis.

Now, if you followed our pre-draft coverage closely, then you already know I was partial towards another Boston College defensive back in Hamp Cheevers who was names as an intriguing prospect to watch before recently being waived under an injury settlement by the Tennessee Titans.

Denis is a now former teammate pursuing the same dream of landing a regular spot on an NFL roster.

According to Knox,

Denis (5’11, 190 lbs) isn’t going to be the biggest defensive back on the field, but he’s fast and smooth in pass coverage.”

So far so good. As Knox also referenced in his column, Denis has shown the ability to defend both as a cover safety and against ball carriers. In his four years (three years of play) with the Eagles, Denis brought in nine interceptions including seven in his Junior season alone, and also totaled 139 tackles in his collegiate career.

One really interesting thing about Denis is the fact he’s only played safety at the college level for two years. Coming out of high school as a cornerback, he was the ESPN Boston High School Defensive Player of the Year and spent his first two seasons as a corner before moving to safety prior to his excellent junior season.

I don’t know that safety is his future in the NFL, but if there’s a place for him to contribute, you can bet Todd Bowles and his staff will find it.