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Yarcho’s Pick Six: A Song Of Ice And Cannon Fire

Buccaneers plus Game of Thrones? Let’s do this

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a while since we had a good ol’ fashioned Pick Six column, so what better way to bring it back than with a special Game Of Thrones edition as the series reaches its finale? You may wonder what the Buccaneers and George R.R. Martin’s beloved characters and universe have in common. Well, we’ll get into that, starting with what inspired this column to take place.

First, a few ground rules: this will not be a typical Pick Six column in that there won’t be a list of six things/people/players/stats following six different categories. Just simply some topics and a few lists and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Also - and this should go without saying but I will say it anyway - THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. If you’re the type that is like my better half and are waiting for the season to end to binge the whole thing at once, turn away. I’m not that person and I have seen every episode of the series up to tonight’s finale and I will speak about it.

So, with that being said, let’s Pick Six!

Seriously...not kidding...there will be spoilers. This is your last chance.

Game Of Thrones Draft

So, the USA Today decided to do a fun NFL mock draft where teams drafted characters from the show. You can check that out here, but this is what inspired the Pick Six to develop.

We can skip right ahead to the Bucs pick for those that don’t want to go through the whole thing, but I do recommend it. A very fun read.

For the Buccaneers, Nate Davis had them trade out of the five spot (which infuriated me to begin with) but he had them do so with the Carolina Panthers which makes it even worse. With Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Night King, Khal Drogo, Drogon all still on the board, he traded out with a division rival. Not okay.

Daenerys Targaryen went first to Arizona, followed by Tyrion Lannister to San Fransisco, Viserion third to New York, and Cersei Lanniter to the Raiders. The Panthers were awarded Arya Stark who would now face(less) the Buccaneers twice a year. Arya is arguably the number one player available and the Bucs traded her away.

The Bucs then slid all the way to pick sixteen where they draft...Euron Greyjoy??? Ok, I get it. He’s a filthy pirate with nothing but death and destruction on his mind. It wouldn’t hurt to have someone with that attitude on the defense. But, come on. That’s the best they could do? They give up a sure fire All-Pro for Euron. And just to pour salt in the wounds, Jon Snow slid all the way to 32 and the New England Patriots. Inexcusable.

Casting “Game Of Pewter Thrones”

So, which players translate to those we see (or have seen) on the screen? Let’s take a look;

1.) Lavonte David as Jon Snow - Never the loudest, never the most boisterous. Just the guy that grinds and gets his job done. Players look to him to lead them, whether he wants them to or not because he’s done it right since day one. If the team were to select but one captain, it may very well be Lord Lavonte of House David.

2.) Ryan Jensen as Tormund Giantsbane - No, I didn’t do this just because of the red hair. Ryan Jensen is a wildling. He will be as devout and dedicated to his people - especially his quarterback - as anyone. And if you’re the poor gutter rat that gets in his way or touches one of his men, he will beat the ever loving snot out of you.

3.) Gerald McCoy as Daenerys Targaryen - He was supposed to be the savior of the defense. Support and love came his way from all the realms. But slowly his devoted followers and believers began to turn on him. That started to eat away at his drive. New faces of the realm began to be drafted, becoming more beloved than he. More and more, his psyche wavered. Then when Lord Bruce of House Arians sailed in with his devoted soldiers, things took an unavoidable turn. Ser Gerald knew this was not his team. Not his kingdom.

4.) Jameis Winston as Arya Stark - The wild card. The one who never quite fits in the box you want them to, but he makes it work. Have there been missteps? Of course. Temporary blindness? Absolutely. However, when it comes to that big play, that big moment, no one wants to rise to the occasion more than Ser Jameis of House Winston. For every head scratching decision there are two that make you stand and cheer. And there is no one that more people were excited to see continue to grow than Ser Jameis.

5.) Jason Pierre-Paul as Jamie Lannister - Before you freak out, just stay with me here: the comparisons go beyond the right hand injury. Ser Jason of House Pierre-Paul, member of the King’s Guard, was an honorable Knight for many years in the Meadowlands. Reliable, valiant, and one of the most feared Knights in all the realms. Then he lost his hand. It was difficult, but he battled back to one of the fiercest competitors, rising again despite all the doubt. Unfortunately, the Meadowlands got a new Lord and Ser Jason was sent packing. Joining the ranks along the Gulf Sands, Ser Jason rose once again to execute his enemies. (We’re going to ignore the evil, treasonous side of Jamie for the sake of looking at his great qualities that line up well with JPP.)

6.) Bruce Arians as Ned Stark - Arguably the most noble man in all the realms, Lord Bruce of House Arians does not say words he does not mean to appease the masses. He does not believe in empty promises. He does not entertain the idea of surrounding himself with men or women he does not trust. A clear and just ruler - and has been known to “lose his head” every now and again.

Six Best Quotes

1.) “Not Today” - The famous quote courtesy of one Arya Stark (her response to the question “What do we say to the god of death?”) perfectly parallels the mind set and attitude of Jameis Winston. His never die attitude has gotten him in some trouble, but it also created some incredible moments.

2.) “That’s What I Do. I Drink And I Know Things” - Tyrion Lannister is going to last from the first to the last episode as one of the ultimate fan favorites of Game Of Thrones. One of his most endearing qualities is his brutal honesty - whether he’s had a few wines or not. This is the embodiment of Bruce Arians, who might be one of the smartest football minds to ever join the Buccaneers. And it helps that he throws a post game tailgate for the players and staff every week.

3.) “If You Think This Is Going To End Well, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention.” - Ramsey Bolton was one of the most vile and evil characters in television history, but this line was speaking directly to every Buccaneers fan alive. No, that isn’t for this season but rather every season for the last twelve years. There was always lofty expectations and high hopes only to be kicked in the gut.

4.) “Bend The Knee.” - It’s either that or be set ablaze by one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons. Show your loyalty, surrender, whatever the case may be. With BA now in charge, the Bucs may be saying this is the rest of the NFC South before too long.

5.) “A Girl Has No Name” - Now, this is another classic Arya line that applies to everyone. I’m not saying that players shouldn’t have any individuality. This is more about no one being above the team. It’s not about the name on the back - it’s the name on the front. It’s playing for the men beside you and winning for one another. Not personal stats or accolades. It’s all about the ring.

6.) “When You Play The Game Of Thrones, You Win Or You Die.” - This is the NFL as a whole. It may not be a throne, but it’s a Lombardi. Only one team can ever be left standing at the end as confetti rains down like ashes over King’s Landing. The remaining 31 teams? Well, they all died. Just like Cersei Lannister said - you win, or you die.

Six Numbers To Consider

2,399 - The number of people to die on screen through the first seven seasons (season eight not yet calculated)

2 - Total number of episodes where siblings Jon Snow and Arya Stark saw each other until being reunited in season eight

1 - Game of Thrones was the most popular show in 2018 - despite airing zero new episodes

38 - Total Emmys won, second most of any television series (SNL - 54)

9 - Number of families in season one vying for the throne

67 - Number of episodes with Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), the most of any cast member

Six Final Words

Who Will Get The Iron Throne?


Who Will Sit Upon The Iron Throne After Tonight’s Episode?

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  • 8%
    Daenerys Targaryen
    (4 votes)
  • 40%
    Jon Snow
    (19 votes)
  • 31%
    Sansa Stark
    (15 votes)
  • 8%
    Tyrion Lannister
    (4 votes)
  • 10%
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