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What Terry Beckner, Jr. Brings to the Bucs

The Bucs’ 7th Round selection.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Terry Beckner, Jr. is a former composite five-star prospect, rated the 13th best player nationally, who committed to Missouri. In four years Beckner had 120 tackles, 32 for a loss, along with 13.5 sacks. 7 of those 13.5 came in his junior year.

As a former five-star you’d expect Beckner to have some exciting athleticism. However, Beckner has a history of significant knee injuries. As a freshman in 2015 he tore the ACL in his right knee. As a sophomore the following year, he tore the ACL in his other knee. Those injuries likely didn’t help his athleticism.

His size reminds one of a 3-tech defensive tackle, and he’s got some strength to him. He delivers a pretty forceful punch when it lands, which can get offensive linemen off balance. Unfortunately, Beckner also lacks arm length. That hurts him as it will make it difficult for him to get into the chest of offensive linemen and deliver that punch. That also means he’s probably not a fit for a 5-tech alignment. He also is slow off the snap and will pop up too high in his stance.

His game is built around his strength and giving total effort, and he uses both well to penetrate or clog gaps against the run, and when able to he loves delivering punishing hits. He’s also a smart player and has pretty quick feet for someone of his size. He likes searching for the ball-carrier and burying them.

All in all, through his strength, heady play, and high motor (there it is again), Beckner will occasionally flash fun plays where he just wrecks his opponent and makes plays in the backfield. Still, his limitations are apparent. His lower-body stiffness, short arm length, and lack of consistent hand usage will limit his consistency at the NFL level. Beckner has a chance to make the roster as a rotational depth player who can spell the starters on standard downs.