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NFL Draft Round 1 Winners and Losers

On the morning of rounds 2 and 3, let’s take a look at yesterday’s winners and losers.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Buccaneer fans, the time has finally come and gone. Are we happy? We’ll leave Tampa Bay out of the winners and losers all together here but it would be asinine to not touch on it. Devin White, welcome to Tampa Bay.

We really knew this all along didn’t we? It has been said for months that the team was in love with them and what else can be said? Bruce Arians and Jason Licht got Todd Bowles one heck of a chess piece to take into battle. Devin White will be a staple of this defense for years to come and will immediately make an impact and become a fan favorite.

Much more to come from the team at Bucs Nation on Devin White, now lets get on to the NFL’s Winners and Losers from round one.


Washing Redskins - Arguably the biggest winners on day one here as they get quarterback Dwayne Haskins whom many pegged to go inside the top 5. Haskins will immediately compete for the starting job with Alex Smith expected to miss the entire 2019 season. The future is now for Washington and they will hitch their wagon to the Ohio State product.

Carolina Panthers - It pains me to give kudos to a divisional opponent but the Carolina Panthers got themselves a good one in Brian Burns. Burns lasted all the way to pick 16 and will get to line up against a set of the sketchiest tackle duos in the NFL twice a season in Demar Dotson and Donovan Smith.

My favorite moment of the evening by far was watching the Hampton family winning season tickets to the New York Giants for 100 years. Though in our loser section one may say this fantastic moment was short lived, more on that below.


Marcus Mariota - How can a player not drafted be the biggest loser? Simple. Look no further than the Titans quarterback attempting to get things started in Tennessee with this awesome hype job.

Okay okay it wasn’t that awful, but come on Marcus, could ya act a bit more excited? Athletes lives are changing forever here, come on now.

New York football Giants (Or maybe the Hampton family) - New Quarterback, who dis? The Giants selected Duke quarterback Daniel Jones to pair with Saquon Barkley. Jones may very well end up being a very good quarterback, but the fact that the team passed on arguably a much better draft class for quarterbacks for a running back and followed it up with Daniel Jones will not sit well for Giants fans.

Indianapolis Colts - When you give up a first round pick and take yourself out of day one for just a second round pick (20 spots later) this year and next years second... it makes fans scratch their head. There’s no real way to look at this as a victory at this point in time. What were you thinking Indy?

What say you fellow Buccaneer fans? Who were your biggest winners and losers from day one of the NFL Draft? Plenty of interesting picks to go around on day one, * cough * Raiders * cough *. Let’s hear everyone’s thoughts in the comment section below.