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Tickets For 100 Years Finalist: Greg Hampton

The NFL is giving away tickets for the next 100 years to one lucky fan and you’re gonna want this guy to win it all.

Hampton has been a life-long Giants fan.

There’s no doubt that family tradition is hard to break, especially when it comes to NFL fandom.

Family roots grow deep when it comes to the passion of the game and Greg Hampton’s family is no different. It all started with his father and now he has passed down the legacy of rooting for the New York Giants to his children.

And thanks to the NFL, Greg and his family - the ultimate definition of loyal fans - have a shot at season tickets to Giants games for the next 100 years.

That’s right. 100 years. A century. 10 generations.

Talk about a helluva family tradition. This one is going to be hard to break.

For those who aren’t familiar with the contest, the NFL launched the “Tickets for 100 Years” campaign back in the middle of March. Thousands of applicants entered into the contest hoping to win a pair of season tickets to their favorite franchise for the next century and only three were selected.

Hampton was one of those three finalists. For Hampton - a youth football coach back home - and his family, this is a dream come true.

They’ve been given celebrity-like treatment throughout the past few days. Experiences such as breakfast with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, walking the Red Carpet on Thursday night, a surplus of merchandise from the Giant’s franchise, and a personal letter along with invites to special occasions from the Maras are just a few of the many perks that come with being a finalist.

Hampton and his family are all smiles this week.

But it doesn’t stop there. Hampton and his family were surprised this morning on the set of Good Morning America with some awesome news: even if they don’t win the contest, they’ll still be awarded a pair of season tickets for the 2019 season.

What a time to be alive.

Hampton was born and raised in New York after his father migrated from the south.

“The first team I ever came in contact with was the Giants,” Hampton told me in an interview. “I guess the meaning of football back then, what it stood for, (my father’s) love for the Giants - it’s what was instilled in me and driven to me at birth. I’ve always been a Big Blue fan as long as I can remember.”

One of Hampton’s sons, Jordan, entered his father into the contest via an Instagram post that will absolutely melt your heart. You can check it out here or below if you want to bawl like a baby.

Yea, put the onions away, please.

Hampton’s father passed away in 2012, but the legacy he set forth still lives on. He plans on passing the tickets down to his children and for them to do the same if they are indeed the lucky ones to win the whole shebang.

“I would love to see my grandkids or great-grandkids live on this tradition. I know that going to Giants games and watching the Giants play will always be a family tradition, but to be able to be there in that moment for the next 100 years is something I can only dream of.” Hampton told me.

“I know my dad is smiling down right now. He’d love to see his grandkids go to a Super Bowl.”

And it’s not just about Greg, his family has had an incredible experience attending this event and spending time in Nashville is something they’ll always remember and cherish.

The winner will be announced in the opening minutes of the NFL Draft. The Draft is set to begin at 8PM EST.

Make sure you’re in front of that television set. Even if Greg doesn’t win, this will be a life-changing moment for one lucky fan that you won’t want to miss.