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NFL Scouting Combine: My Favorite Quarterback

There was one quarterback that stood out to me above the rest this weekend in Indianapolis

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

He may not be there when the Buccaneers take a quarterback (if they take a quarterback) and he may have a long, difficult road to being a starter, but Trace McSorley was an absolute delight in Indianapolis.

Coming out of Penn State, McSorley had a knack for delivering in the big games against big opponents. Whether it was Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, whoever - McSorley rose to the occasion and finished his collegiate career with 9,899 yards, 77 touchdowns, 25 interceptions, and a 59.3 completion percentage. The Nittany Lions went 33-9 with McSorley as the full time starter finishing in the top ten rankings twice.

Not too bad.

For someone who is “undersized” according to the NFL stereotypes, McSorley isn’t worried about his 6’0”, 200 lb frame. In fact, when speaking with NFL teams this week his size hasn’t even come up.

“It isn’t anything that’s been brought up with me when speaking with teams or coaches or scouts,” McSorley told reporters. “It’s now something that’s being looked at in a different light, I think.”

He has some work to do on the field, but McSorley has the attitude and drive I like to see in a prospect. Could he be a starter in the league one day? Absolutely. However, I think that opportunity is a ways away unless he’s forced into that spot due to an injury. Drafting and developing a quarterback in this draft could pay huge dividends long term and the Buccaneers are in the right position to do so late in this draft.

Will McSorley be there on day three? Nope. At least not when the Bucs would draft a quarterback. I would expect McSorley to be a day two pick and one of the first quarterbacks taken once the initial desperation run of Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, and Drew Lock are taken in the top ten.

He would fit well with the Bucs for sure, but there is virtually no chance it happens. However, that won’t stop me from cheering for the kid once his name is called.