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The Crow’s Nest: Hargreaves hype, zero s**** given, and Buccaneers ownership speaks

Web links on the Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Raymond James Stadium Photo by John Babiak/Bucs Nation

Bruce Arians: Carlton Davis & Vernon Hargreaves Are Outside Cornerbacks
Bucco Bruce Arians made it very clear Tuesday how high he is on Vernon Hargreaves.

Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer: ‘We’re doing everything we can to turn it around’
Calling the 11-year playoff drought “painful,’’ Glazer believes Jameis Winston and Bruce Arians are the right men for the job.

Hargreaves Built to Excel in Bucs’ New Defense
It is not yet completely clear what a Todd Bowles defense is going to look like in Tampa, but it is clear that it will be different from what the Buccaneers have known for quite some time.

Chris Godwin May Never Come Off the Field in 2019
I’m about to provide you with one name and one number, and tell you that Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians connected the two on Tuesday when he was speaking with the press at the NFL Annual Meetings in Phoenix.

Female? Minority? Bucs’ Bruce Arians doesn’t care who you are as long as you can coach
In a tiny corner of a packed ballroom, Bruce Arians delivered his sermon.

Bruce Arians Dismisses Female NFL Coach Criticism: “Who Gives A S***”
Arians wouldn’t mind having female coaches on the sidelines.