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NFL Scouting Combine: My Favorite Offensive Lineman

Which offensive lineman from the group at the combine stood out the most?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The offensive linemen have completed their workouts at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine and as is the spirit of the event itself, it’s time to judge and decide which is the best.

My favorite offensive lineman of this year’s festivities is (as you might have guessed from the photo attached to this post), Kansas State’s Dalton Risner! (Cheer and Applause)

Risner was already a riser in the draft before he got to Indianapolis. Gaining steam and getting some day one talks around draft circles, the former Wildcats lineman has been praised for his ability and versatility.

And he did well in the drills as well. There really weren’t any glaring holes in his performance and it’s clear to see why so many can see how he’ll be able to find success in the NFL no matter where he goes or what position the team which drafts him has him play.

But the same could be said for some other top prospects as well.

So, where did Risner win it for me? You guessed it. In the media session.

Now I can’t confirm whether or not he’s in fact ‘killing’ team meetings. But it’s a strong projection and if there was a prop bet going on about it, I’d put money on it.

Watching him during the drills as well, his personality showed up again. Bottom line, the guy is who he is and he’s a competitor.

He’ll go from fighting you on the pads to patting your shoulder and telling you, you had a good rep. Facing him in a combine drill means facing true competition. He’s not a guy who’s going to half-step as your ‘rabbit’ and make you look good. He’s a guy who is coming in to it to beat you and if you look good it’s because you are good.

The momentum carrying him in to the combine was solid. The momentum carrying him out of it is even better. If the Bucs are without a starting guard or future replacement for Demar Dotson, then I’m fully on board with the team selecting this lineman to be the guy for the job when the NFL Draft rolls around in April.