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Will we see a Matt Bryant reunion in Tampa Bay?

Jason Licht should come calling

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Can Matt Bryant return to Tampa Bay and lift the kicking curse that has been over Raymond James Stadium and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ever since he departed after the 2008 season?

The answer is absolutely. If the Buccaneers could go back to 2008, they would probably give Matt Bryant a record contract for kickers and a lifetime contract with the team. Unfortunately, those 11 years can’t be undone, but it can be made right.

The Buccaneers still need a kicker and while Santos was okay last season, he wasn’t great. Even at age 43, Matt Bryant is still a great NFL kicker. In 2018, he attempted 21 field goals and made 20 of them (95.2%). He was also 33 out of 35 on Extra points (94.3%). Since 2010, Matt Bryant has had one season where his kicking percentage was below 86% and that was back in 2015 when he made 77.8% of his field goals.

Obviously, connections are to be made on the Buccaneers coaching staff. The current special teams coordinator, Keith Armstrong, was Matt Bryant’s special teams coordinator back in Atlanta, so the familiarity between the two is obviously there.

If your worried that Matt Bryant doesn’t have a big leg anymore, please don’t. He was 4 out of 50 from 50+ yards in 2018 and he was 7 out of 7 from 40+ yards in 2018.

This move is a no-brainer and one Jason Licht must capitalize on come March.

Just lift the curse.