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Derrick Brooks talks 03’ Super Bowl, Gruden, Arians, Winston

With the Super Bowl upon us, Derrick Brooks reminisced on his time in Tampa and also offered some thoughts on the present state of the franchise.

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Hall of Fame linebacker and Tampa Bay Buccaneers legend Derrick Brooks had some interesting things to say about his career on Hear The Spear earlier this week. Brooks spoke on a variety of topics that touch on Tampa Bay including the 2003 Super Bowl win, Jon Gruden, Bruce Arians, and Jameis Winston.

“It was very memorable,” Brooks said of his game clinching pick-six against Oakland in 2003. “It never gets old man. You’re reminded of it every year.

“We send out an anniversary text. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, doing something to recognize our accomplishment.”

Later in the podcast, Brooks was asked about his former Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden and his plans in Oakland. Gruden has obviously traded away fan favorites such as Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, who both flourished elsewhere in 2018. Brooks offered some thoughts on Gruden’s process

“I think he will be fine,” Brooks said. “Obviously there’s some turbulent waters now in terms of where they are and the season they didn’t want to have.

“Coach Gruden now has some assets to really build this team. It’s gonna be some challenges but I think he’s up for it. Through the changes they’ve made in the last two years we’ll see where the chips falls.”

Finally Brooks talked about new head coach Bruce Arians and Jameis Winston.

“It’s more than solid,” He said on the hire of Arians. “I think it could be the gem that fell into their laps in terms of the new leadership there.

“His history of working with past quarterbacks is legendary. I think Jameis will be next on that list in terms of him making an improvement in his all-around game. And it’ll be needed for the Bucs to succeed”

“Again, I am a fan of the hire and I think they’re going to be successful and turn the team around.”

The entire episode can be found below. The interview with Derrick Brooks starts at 16:15 and most of his thoughts on the NFL begin at 37:05.