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Arians Wants Humphries Back

Bruce Arians expressed his desire for WR Adam Humphries to return

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Humphries has been a key part of the offense for the last four seasons. Head coach Bruce Arians doesn’t want that to change.

When speaking at the NFL Combine, Arians was asked about what Humphries brings and the desire to bring him back to the Bucs;

“All of our guys that are free agents right now are very important to get back, Humphries especially. He’s done a great job in building a resume as a slot. He does some really, really good things in there. I would love to have him back.”

The rumor as of now is that Humphries will explore free agency and likely sign elsewhere given the Bucs’ current cap situation. Essentially, they’ll have to choose between Humphries and DeSean Jackson as to which player will stay. If Arians’ comments regarding his conversation with Jackson are any indication, the Bucs are looking more and more likely to retain Jackson’s services.

In his career, Humphries has 219 receptions, 2329 yards, and nine touchdowns. He’s coming off his best season in the NFL, finishing with carrer highs in receptions (76), yards (816), and touchdowns (5) in 2018.