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Sergio Bailey getting set to bounce back in 2019

A friendly off-season reminder, the Bucs have some depth at wide receiver.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of conversation this off-season has focused on Buccaneers wide receivers like Desean Jackson and Adam Humphries. There have even been talks about whether or not Justin Watson and Bobo Wilson could be ready for larger roles with the team.

All of this talk is warranted and understandable, but one name not floating around as much as it should is Sergio Bailey II.

The undrafted rookie out of Eastern Michigan was signed to a three-year contract last off-season and was on pace to lead the team in pre-season receiving when he suffered a freak injury before Tampa Bay’s Week 3 match-up against the Detroit Lions.

Prior to his injury, Bailey hauled in a 21-yard score from quarterback Ryan Griffin as the Bucs defeated the Tennessee Titans in Week 2. In the teams Week 1 win over the Miami Dolphins, Bailey caught four passes for 52-yards.

His name was climbing the charts as a guy who was definitely in the running to make the final roster at the end of the pre-season period. At one point then head coach Dirk Koetter even identified him as one of the players making the biggest improvements through camp.

But it all came to an end abruptly.

Still, Bailey isn’t down. He doesn’t feel wronged. Instead, he’s determined. To come back and follow the path laid ahead of him instead of worrying about what has happened already.

In a conversation with James Yarcho and I on the Locked On Bucs Podcast, Bailey voiced these sentiments along with is appreciation of the fans who support the team he supported as a teammate while healing and preparing for the future.

When asked about his injury, Bailey had this to say,

“The ankle’s doing well man, it’s doing good. I’m back running. I don’t have a date on when I’ll be back exactly, but I’m going to be back soon. I’m still bouncing back, and I just appreciate all the Bucs fans who still keep in touch with me and check on me and want to see me doing better.”

Other topics of conversation touched on expectations with the new coaching staff, thoughts on DeSean Jackson and some words of wisdom for the new rookie crop getting ready to enter the league like Bailey did just ten months ago.

It was a great conversation. Catch all of it on the latest episode of the Locked On Bucs podcast!