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Should The Bucs Make A Move For Case Keenum?

Denver’s former starter could make a serviceable backup for Tampa Bay.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, Ok, Ok.

Hear me out for a second.

I know, this seems impossible. Case Keenum to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

First off, how hard would it be to root for the guy who has routinely treated Tampa Bay like red headed step children his entire career? Look up the numbers, Keenum is absolute gold - actually, certified platinum - when he’s on the opposite sideline of the pewter and red.

All jokes aside, is there a chance he could end up playing for the Bucs? There’s little doubt that Jason Licht and Bruce Arians are limiting their options when it comes to a backup quarterback for Jameis Winston.

But there is a lot of grey area to clear up before this scenario can even become close to reality.

The obvious issue is Keenum’s current cap hit. He signed a two-year/$36 million deal with the Denver Broncos before the 2018 season began. He carries a $21 million cap hit for 2019 alone that includes $10 million in dead money if he cut is at any point before the season begins.

Clearly, he’d have to take a pay cut if he even wants to stay a Bronco, but how much is he willing to let go? And wouldn’t he want to start wherever he goes?

The guy has been a journeyman his entire career and worked his ass off for every bit of the big contract he signed last year. Why would he let any of that go? It wouldn’t make much sense for him to just bow out of the spotlight and it wouldn’t make much sense for the Broncos to just eat $10 million dollars - so one would think that they would try and move him via trade.

Chris Mortenson of ESPN came on the Midday 180 - a Nashville radio station - and discussed Keenum’s probable value on the trade market.

It makes sense for the Tennessee Titans to make a move for Keenum, but would it also make sense for the Bucs to do the same if they could get him for a fifth-round pick? Even though Winston hasn’t had any injury issues, he is one mistake away from an indefinite suspension. There is also no guarantee that he will return past 2019.

The Bucs need insurance at the position and they need someone that can step in and win games, not just manage them. A fifth-round pick seems like pennies on the dollar, especially considering Joe Flacco was just traded for a fourth rounder.

He’s also a great locker room presence and as previously mentioned - a hard worker as well. If the dominoes fall in the right place, then Tampa Bay could snag themselves one of the best backups in the league.

The Bucs paid former backup Ryan Fitzpatrick $3.3 million last year. An ideal price for Keenum would be around $5 million/year- which the Bucs could afford with the right roster moves.

So if Keenum becomes affordable both in contract and trade value, would it be a good idea for the Bucs to go after the quarterback that has gone 19-13 and has started 22 straight games over the past two seasons?

It’s certainly something to ponder as the offseason moves along.


Should the Bucs trade for Case Keenum?

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