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Report: Bucs not interested in Kareem Hunt

The Buccaneers are being mentioned in the same sentence as Hunt once again.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in need of a threatening running game. Many feel a big splash signing like Kareem Hunt would give them just that.

Earlier this week, NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport suggested the Bucs are expected to show interest in the former Chiefs running back. But the latest report from Matt Verderame suggests Tampa Bay isn’t interested in Hunt.

Now this report is a bit misleading. Rapoport merely stated that the Bucs are expected to show interest, not that it’s certain. Verderame shoots down “reports” when there weren’t really any saying the Bucs are in fact interested.

It’s also worth noting that the words Verderame uses in his report: “at this time.”

So take all of that how you’d like.

As for Hunt’s immediate future in the NFL and any team that may be interested, there are some things that have to be cleared up with the league first due to the investigation.

Commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about Hunt this week in Atlanta.

“He is a free agent. If he is signed by a club, the clubs understand he’ll go on the Commissioner’s Exempt List at that point in time until the discipline process has concluded whether there is discipline or not discipline we will finish the investigation and then make a determination. So that hopefully will happen soon, but we haven’t concluded the investigation and we’re working to do that. There has been a tremendous amount of progress though in that investigation over the last I’d say 30 to 60 days.”