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SB Nation FanPulse: The confidence level is lit

Bucs fans are happy about their team. Really happy.

NFL: DEC 31 Saints at Buccaneers Photo by Roy K. Miller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Buccaneers fans confidence is as high as it has been since earlier in the season.

After the Bucs impressive win in Detroit against the Lions, fans are feeling really good about their team as the final two games of the season approach.

The graph shows the confidence level from the fans reached 67-percent entering Week 1. Then it dropped to a 17-percent confidence rating heading into Week 2 before going back up to 65-percent. After a 20-percent confidence level going into Week 4, Bucs fans were a comfortable 75-percent before the Saints game but the loss to New Orleans brought that down to 41-percent. After Week 6, the confidence level fell to 15-percent. For Week 8, fans were at a 21-percent confidence level before dropping down to 20-percent after the game against Tennessee. Fans appreciated the game played against Seattle in Week 9 which bumped it up two-percent in a losing effort. For Week 11, it had jumped to 38-percent but last week’s loss brought it back down to 22-percent. And in an interesting twist, the confidence level fell slightly to 20-percent after beating the Falcons in Week 12. But three straight wins has kept the confidence level in the 60-percent range. Now, after four-straight wins, fan confidence is up to 71-percent.

The rest of the NFC South confidence level from their fans are as follows:

Saints - 95%
Falcons - 22%
Panthers - 8%

This week’s one-off question was centered around the NFC South division and who will dominate for the coming years. And of course, with the confidence level being as high as it is, Bucs fans voted for you know who.

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