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Buccaneers’ Lavonte David pitching in this holiday season

Team captain spreading his influence and positive actions to the community

Photo Provided by Ballantines PR

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are delivering wins on the football field lately, after winning three of their last four. They’ll look to keep the winning going by giving Bucs fans another victory to celebrate following Week 15 against the Detroit Lions.

Before doing so however, some members of the franchise have been out and about in the community delivering smiles in a non-football related kind of way. One such player was team captain and inside linebacker Lavonte David.

David partnered up with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (“BBBS”) and Netflix in his latest gift to the Tampa community.

Since mid-November BBBS and Netflix have been working to fill 6,000 holiday wish lists written by children in the program, quoting the title character of the Netflix movie “Klaus”, who says,

“A simple act of kindness can always spark another...”

As a long-time advocate of BBBS, David heard about the requests of several ‘Littles’, who asked for tablets so they could do better in school.

So, he decided to join their efforts and helped to deliver exactly that to 19 Tampa area ‘Littles’ who now have an added advantage of new technology to help them achieve their personal and educational goals moving forward.

Photo Provided by Ballantines PR

“It’s great seeing the smiles on these kids’ faces,” David said, “This is one of my favorite times of the year, and any time I can lend my support to Littles, I’m glad to do it. They may cheer me on when I’m on the field, but these kids inspire me, too.”

There are a lot of athletes in the world today who reach back into the communities they live in and grew up in to do good for others. David is just one of many Buccaneers doing so, as this franchise seems to have tapped into a special vein with members of their franchise like Jameis Winston, Chris Godwin, Donovan Smith and more, spreading their support throughout the Tampa area. Of course, former Bucs defensive lineman Gerald McCoy was known greatly for his impact on the community as well, and pledged to continue his work in and around Tampa despite his departure from the team.

It’s great to see these players using what they’ve earned to do things for people who look up to them and even aspire to be like them. If these nineteen kids weren’t Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans yet, you can be sure they will be moving forward.