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Put your design skills to the test by redesigning the Buccaneers unis

You never know. Maybe someone from the league office will see it.

NFL: International Series-London Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With all the problems the Buccaneers are facing on the field, the uniforms are the least of their issues. But some think that their current, modernized uniforms are a major problem.

Well, if you are part of the massive group that is not a fan of their current look, the opportunity for you to redesign their uniform and submit your idea into a contest has arrived.

Paul Lukas, the mastermind behind UniWatch, is accepting submissions from anyone who thinks they can change up the Bucs look. There are no limitations so if you want your idea to reach the masses — whether it’s to get rid of their number font, color scheme, shoulder design, etc. — Lukas is giving you the chance to put your ability out there for everyone to see, nationally.

Here are a couple contest points via InsideHook:

  • Email your entry to Uni Watch HQ. If you have more than one concept, feel free to enter as many times as you like.
  • Deadline: Submit all entries by Friday, Nov. 15. We’ll showcase the best entries here on InsideHook shortly thereafter. Good luck!

I personally don’t have issues with their current look, but not everyone is the same.

If interested, be sure to click on the link above to email your submissions.