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Devin White is the Week 11 Bucs Nation Community Player of the Week

The rookie follows the Captain as linebackers take back-to-back honors

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers failed to secure a win against the hated New Orleans Saints in Week 11, it’s no surprise many of the Bucs Nation Community chose not to cast their vote for the most recent Player of the Week.

Still, plenty weighed in on their choice, and for the second straight week a linebacker came away with the winning vote as Devin White became the most recent recipient of the honor.

This week’s vote was a bit more spread out than last, and the nominations were dominated by rookies. White, along with fellow rookies Mike Edwards, Matt Gay and Scotty Miller made up four of the five options. Cameron Brate was the only veteran to make the nomination list, and finished second with 27% of the vote.

For White however, his seaon - and therefore his career - high thirteen tackles earned him the honor in a losing effort.

Comments from the Bucs Nation Community unfortunately couldn’t focus in on the new high set by the team’s first selection in the most recent NFL Draft. Instead, much of the talk was familiar in it’s theme of struggle and frustration. Specifically surrounding one player who didn’t play a single defensive snap in the game.

Commenter, DaddyBuc kicked off the most talked about thread by writing,

“I’m really confused as to why Dean got no playing time today

We take the highest graded corner from last week and bench him. I hate the excuse about us playing more zone too because Davis is primarily a man corner and so is SMB. This staff refuses to ride with the best players on the field and only acknowledge it after the game. It’s like they have tunnel vision and cant adapt or adjust during the game.”

Another weekend coming up means another chance for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to get a victory, and will mean another opportunity for the Bucs Nation Community to select another Player of the Week.

Thanks to those who voted and participated in the conversation. Here’s hoping there are more positives to vote for following Week 12.