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Russell Wilson provides a next level challenge

There’s no quarterback in the NFL playing as well as the Seahawks’ leader right now

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson has been a force in the NFL since the day he entered, but he might be playing his best football right now. The Seahawks are currently 6-2 and sitting in second place behind the undefeated San Francisco 49ers.

Wilson currently leads the NFL with seventeen touchdown passes and only one - yes, one - interception.

Bruce Arians knows Wilson all too well and the challenge he provides. Here’s what he told the media Wednesday;

“Russell Wilson is a guy that I probably respect as much as any quarterback in this league, as far as taking a broken play and making something fantastic out of it. I’ve played him so many times and just watched him do it. A lot of guys can scramble, a lot of guys can run, but not [many] guys can throw the ball downfield, across the field, and just know where your guys are once you break the pocket. He looks healthy again, he’s running a lot this year, so he’s as good a dual threat as there is and he can beat you from the pocket. It’ll be a hell of a challenge.

Russell’s a really smart guy and he doesn’t take many chances. He doesn’t take a lot of chances, but he is a great deep ball thrower. When he throws it, it’s coming down over the outside shoulder. When you get interceptions on him, or sack-fumbles – which have happened in the past – they’re rare, but he’s excellent.”

The Seahawks don’t get the same national praise they did a short time ago - thanks in large part to the break-up of the “legion of boom” but they’re playing as well as they ever did.

The Seahawks’ only two losses this season came at home against the Saints and the Ravens, both playoff contenders, while the Buccaneers haven’t won in Seattle since 2009.