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Buccaneers vs Titans day after reactions

It wasn’t Jameis’ fault.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

With two weeks to prepare for the Titans one would expect a solid plan of attack all around. Ha-ha, fear not Buccaneer fans. There was nothing in this game that would lead one to think that the team with two weeks to prepare was ready for this. Rather than focus on offense and defense, this game truly came down to coaching and a blown call by the refs.

Blown call that essentially lost it all.

Game changing calls on the field tend to find the Buccaneers it seems, right? Well another week and another baffling early whistle blown on what should have been a scoop and score for Tampa. It’s one thing to watch a referee pick up a ball laid short of the 1st, then move it a yard + to give the opponent a first down. It’s another thing to inexplicably blow the whistle late to initiate a dead ball, completely screwing the team late. Rather than explain it away myself, Warren Sharp was all over this particular play yesterday.

Enough on this play though because in all honesty well... it was merely one play. The team still had chances to win this game throughout and let’s take a dive into the real issue with this team, coaching.

Arians big staff proving to be high in numbers and low in success.

The coaching staff has left a lot to be desired in multiple areas. Let’s start with Byron Leftwich and the offense he’s been put in charge of. Tampa Bay had two weeks to prepare for this Titans defense and somehow looked like they were on different pages yet again.

Jameis Winston threw a pair of interceptions, both of which Bruce Arians put on the receivers. Let’s play this game for fun. If the receivers are not running the right routes, or they are reading the defense differently than the quarterback... and it’s been happening all season when Winston throws a pick (according to Arians), then why has there been no improvement? Especially after the offense had two weeks to work out any kinks? Baffling.

Let’s talk about the continued three headed disaster at running back. Did this staff seriously watch the film and decide that the three way split is working in the teams best favor? How in the world is this being determined? Ronald Jones is a step and a half ahead of the other two as a runner, no worse as a pass protector at this point than Dare Ogunbowale whom this staff anointed the up tempo/2 minute back due to his work against grocery baggers this pre-season and yet Jones is still finishing 3rd in snaps out of the three.

How about Mike Evans? How does the offensive coordinator not find a way to get the teams top receiver involved in the 4th quarter of a close game? I can’t... I just can’t with this team.

On the defensive side of things, there has been zero improvement from the defensive backs to this point. Fans were told by Bruce Arians himself that players would be more prepared. Bruce Arians mentioned the quantity of coaches on staff to ensure backups would get quality reps to keep them up to speed and up to par. There was suppose to be growth. There was suppose to be development. Where is the development Bruce? Where is it? Where is the self scouting? Where is the game management?

Slight Positive note for Mike Evans...

Mike Evans became the Bucs all-time leader in receptions with 431 after his two yard touchdown catch in the third quarter, surpassing former Bucs running back James Wilder. Evans had a monster game thru 3 quarters of the game, where the offensive coordinator seemingly forgot how to scheme open the teams top target throughout the entire 4th quarter.

Final reactions.

Where the hell is the light at the end of the tunnel? I’m sorry Buccaneer fans, but I for one don’t see it. We’re in this for the long haul with Licht, Arians and Winston and there isn’t a lot of positive to take from that particular trio at this moment in time.