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Bruce Arians joins The Rich Eisen Show to talk Bucs, Jameis

New Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians was a guest on the Rich Eisen show to discuss his new gig in Tampa Bay

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Buccaneers fans are chomping at the bit for every ounce of Bruce Arians news they can get. It’s understandable. This is arguably the biggest hire in franchise history and it comes at a time that the team has never needed it more.

The defense has disappointed, there are questions surrounding a supposed franchise quarterback, and every move they’ve made has been the wrong one. That is - hopefully - until now.

The always reliable Rich Eisen gave Bucs fans a quick glimpse into things to come when Arians joined Eisen’s radio show to talk about the job. Right out of the gate, Eisen brought up Arians speaking out that the Browns job was the only one he’d want, so why did he end up in Tampa Bay?

“Jason Licht’s a good friend,” Arians said. “That intrigued me. Having a General Manager that I know and I trust and that’s really good. Then, gosh, my whole staff became available. Everything was just falling into place and I got more and more excited about it.”

Arians went on to talk about Jameis Winston, who Bruce met at his football camp. Winston won the quarterback competition and Arians showed him a Super Bowl ring.

“I’ve known him for a long time. We all make mistakes. He’s made his, I’ve made mine. I feel like I’ve got a great feel for him. His excitement for the game, his willingness to work is unbelievable. He’s in the office at five o’clock in the morning.

There is no doubt, no doubt (about Winston). The whole thing is gonna be built around him. I think we can win it all.”

The big question was whether Todd Bowles was indeed coming to town as defensive coordinator. Rumors began swirling Wednesday following the Denver Broncos hiring Chicago Bears’ defensive coordinator Vic Fangio that Bowles might be more interested in that job rather than reuniting with Arians in Tampa Bay. Arians put that to rest real quick;

“We talked. He’s another one that’s like a son to me. I was talking to him about his future. We all get fired. I’ve been fired so many times I can’t count ‘em all. But, then it led to this. He thought hard about it and I was doing my best sell job and this happened. We’re really excited to be back together.”

For the rest of the interview, check out the video below. Arians talks his health, the interview process, and confirms who will be the offensive play caller among other topics. All this pouring out before Bucco Bruce has even had his first press conference. It’s a new day in Tampa Bay.