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Bruce Arians preaches locker room leadership

Some will say the Bucs were lacking in this department.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

You hear coaches all the time say that certain players are leaders in the locker room. You’ve heard the media enamored with guys like Gerald McCoy and what he means to players. But then you have guys like Jason Pierre-Paul saying some players aren’t “keeping it real” in the locker room. Whatever goes on inside that Buccaneers locker room, if Bruce Arians is in fact hired as the next head coach, he will make sure there is leadership inside Tampa Bay’s locker.

By way of Joe Bucs Fan, Arians is real big on player leadership inside locker rooms. Here’s what he had to say on his son’s fantasy football podcast.

“You go through OTAs, you go through training camp, you have some ups and downs,” Arians said of coaching a new team. “As I preached to our guys all the time, if we have a locker room of leadership, we’ll never lose two in a row.”

Boy, that’d be nice. If all was needed to not lose two in a row was locker room leadership, then what the hell has been going on inside that Bucs locker room?

Granted, in 2017 the Bucs lost in Week 3 and then won Week 4, but it’s not often that happens. It was 2015 before that.