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Bruce Arians’ philosophy is one the Buccaneers have been missing

Tampa Bay will have a new way of doing things.

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Bruce Arians Press Conference Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lovie Smith said he wasn’t going to run a Tampa-2 defense, but a defense with Tampa-2 tendencies players would have to learn. We then saw that those who couldn’t play in it were gone (like Darrelle Revis).

Under Dirk Koetter, defensive coordinator Mike Smith said his system was going to be one players would have to understand so that they are in position to be successful. And on offense, Koetter constantly put blame on the players saying they were often out of position — whether it was a bad day of practice or after some games.

The common theme between the previous two regimes, and perhaps even prior, was that they were set in their ways with no thought of making adjustments or adapting to the players.

Under Bruce Arians, that won’t be the case.

We’ve already learned what Arians and his staff will bring to the Buccaneers. Arians wants the scheme to be based on what the players do best and not what the coaching staff is trying to drill into the player’s heads.

He explains this in the sit-down interview with Buccaneers’ Casey Phillips posted below.

That philosophy is unheard of around Tampa Bay. Linebacker Lavonte David is fast and quick to often blitz and get into the backfield, so we may see that a lot. Franchise quarterback Jameis Winston is really good with short-to-intermediate throws, so we may see a lot of that as well. Young corner Carlton Davis was good in man coverage, that may very well be the way of the defense.

It’s not about a 3-4 personnel. It’s not about a 4-3 base. It’s not about a deep passing attack. This team’s new philosophy under the new direction of the new staff will be about what the players do best.

“Your system is your guys. Find out what they can do,” Arians said.

He is the coach the Buccaneers needed all along.