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Winston’s trainer: “He needs to continue to grow holistically as a man and a quarterback.”

Winston’s trainer was on with the Pat and Aaron Show on 95.3 to talk Jameis Winston.

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The Pat and Aaron Show on 95.3 FM WDAE had a unique guest on in Otis Leverette, Jameis Winston’s trainer since Jameis was 14. Leverette briefly went into Winston’s focus in training and what it’s like seeing Winston’s dedication. Leverette played in the NFL as a defensive end for the Washington Redskins. Leverette currently runs ModernDay Fitness in Birmingham, Alabama.

Leverette states that the biggest thing Winston had to work on going from high school to college was getting the reps and the proper tutoring to grow. Leverette continued on to state that no matter how many things you do in training, nothing replaces the live reps. When asked what Winston has been working on over the past year Leverette responded with “The fundamentals”. “We got back into the day one step, ball security, footwork, having a high level of conditioning etc.” When asked what he needs to work on most today Leverette expanded and explained “continuing to work on footwork... and professionalism of being a pro athlete”... Leverette believes Winston is getting close to reaching his ceiling but that Jameis needs to continue growing as a man and as a quarterback holistically.

It’s interesting listening to Otis Leverette speak about Winston needing to get the man off the field and the quarterback he is and bringing them together as he continues to grow. With a staff brought in under Bruce Arians to build around Jameis Winston it should be interesting to see how Jameis himself grows this off-season.

The best of Jameis Winston is yet to come. Will this be the season we see him reach that ceiling we’ve all thought he could? Time will tell.