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Mike Evans Joins The Rich Eisen Show

Bucs receiver Mike Evans was a guest on Rich Eisen’s radio show to talk the win over the Saints and his quarterbacks

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Evans has always been kind of the quiet guy. That’s not to say he shies away from the media, just that at a position that has been historically rich with divas, he’s the guy that shows up to do his job and let his play speak for him.

That’s why when he does something like appear on The Rich Eisen Show, it’s always a good idea to tune in.

Evans discussed a number of topics with the radio host and NFL Network superstar. They talked the win over the Saints, his quarterbacks - past and present, his rivalry with cornerback Marshon Lattimore, and much more.

Evans dives a little into the Fitz vs Winston debate and talks about Jameis Winston as a guy away from football.

Listen/watch the interview in the link below or click here.