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Jason Pierre-Paul, defensive line have a day

The Bucs front had a good day at practice.

Noah Spence talks to the media after practice.
Gil Arcia-BucsNation

The defense had a good day during Buccaneers training camp practice on Friday. There is a lot of hope for the defensive front alone which is expected to translate into the secondary.

But the impressive thing here is how well that front four has done so far in camp. And if practices do matter — unlike what Allen Iverson thinks of them — then the defensive line is already showing glimpses of what could be this season.

Much of that praise could be for defensive line coach Brentson Buckner and rightfully so. Just look at the clips below and see how well the defensive line looked.

Im the below clip, Jason Pierre-Paul is no match for Demar Dotson.

And then Noah Spence just blows past Donovan Smith.

Now, this is just a small sample of what’s gone on in camp to date. The offensive line has had their fair share of wins, too. But this shows the promise of an upgraded line.