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No QB controversy for Bucs week one

Dirk Koetter has made it abundantly clear that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the starter

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Two preseason games in the books, two to go. Unlike the first where Ryan Fitzpatrick was on fire, there were some struggles in Tennessee for the bearded wonder. For Jameis Winston and Ryan Griffin, there were no troubles at all.

But don’t read into that too much.

We know that come week four, Winston is the guy. Period. End of discussion. However, there are starting to be some rumbles and murmurings that Griffin should get the chance to start given his lights out performances in both preseason games.

Whoa. Just calm down.

Griffin has had the benefit of playing against third stringers and players that won’t be on rosters come regular season. Fitz is still going against the starters. There’s a big difference in skill level between the two and that needs to be remembered when comparing the two.

Koetter spoke about the quarterback situation on Monday and stood firm that Fitzpatrick is the guy and there’s little to nothing that will change that;

“Fitz is going to start, but it’s been great for Griff to get this playing time. We wanted to do it last year, unfortunately he got hurt in that Cincinnati preseason game. Ryan’s playing exactly how we thought he would play. We’ve invested three years of coaching by Coach Bajakian into him and I thought Ryan would play like this if he ever got a chance, and he’s doing it, so hats off to him.”

You can’t expect Griffin to come in and do what he’s done in the preseason against third team defenses with little-to-no game planning involved and replicate those results against first team defenses in New Orleans or home against Philadelphia or Pittsburgh when they install a game plan and prepare for the Bucs.

The best bet to tread enough water and not be in an inescapable hole by the time Winston returns is to stick with the veteran - and that’s exactly what they’re going to do.