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Vinny Curry adds a veteran presence to Bucs locker room.

Curry preaching chemistry and hard work.

Gil Arcia-Bucs Nation

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are well into the groove of training camp as week two approaches. By all accounts, the team has had very good practices and there seems to be great competition all over the field.

One player who seems to have added a different dimension to this team is Vinny Curry. Curry, is coming off of a Super Bowl Championship with the Philadelphia Eagles, and is hoping to bring another one to Tampa Bay. Ever since the end of free agency and then the draft, I have been saying that this Tampa Bay defensive line is amongst the top in the NFL. Curry echoed some loud words after practice on Sunday that should get all Buccaneer fans excited.

“You know what man, we had a great team last year and great defensive linemen. You know, from the ones to the twos, we rotated every four plays. We’re building that here,” Curry said.

“We have just as much talent on our defense here in Tampa as we did in Philly.”

Of course, the results need to show on the field for that statement to be true, but it is good to hear. It has been long overdue since Tampa Bay has put a Super Bowl caliber defense out on the field.

Chemistry for any team is important, but it’s especially important along both the offensive and defensive lines. You want the guys in the trenches to be on the same page and have each other’s back at all costs. Developing that bond not only on, but off the field, is something that Curry has been working to do ever since he arrived in Tampa.

“That’s one thing you know we pride ourselves on. Like I’ve said already, everyone is getting to know one another. By this time next week, we’ll be a totally different team from today,” Curry said. “You know what I’m saying? That’s the goal, to come out here and kind of get better each day, learn something new and get down that chemistry as soon as possible.

Every player the Buccaneers acquired along the defensive line this off-season has won a championship. That helps for obvious reasons, but it really should help this Buccaneer team. It’s been so long since the city has seen a constant winner, let alone Super Bowl contender. For that experience to come over and teach the existing young guys what it takes to win is huge and should only help this team in the long run.

“My biggest thing is I’m telling everyone: winning is contagious. You know, it’s contagious man,” Curry said. “If you go out there and put your heart on the line and everybody is on the same page, that’s really where you get your click in. That’s really where you get, ‘Damn that team is fun to watch,’ Curry said.

So far, without playing a single snap for the team, it looks like Curry has already made a huge impact off the field. The team can only hope the impact on the field is even greater.