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Highlights From Training Camp: 7/28/18

One of these is SC10 worthy

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Training Camp
Mike Evans had an excellent day, as always.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of padded (well, somewhat) practice was today and damn, it was hot. An early breeze quickly faded as the day progressed and soon enough, my ginger-self was roasting like a marshmallow over a campfire.

That didn’t stop the Bucs from making some good plays in training camp. It’s still early, but it’s encouraging to semi-starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick connecting with receivers early-on for big plays. It’s encouraging to see MJ Stewart stepping up and making plays. And it’s encouraging to see the coaching staff get creative with major pieces like Jason Pierre-Paul.

My excellent cameraman skills caught some today’s big plays just for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy them below!

MJ Stewart sacks Ryan Fitzpatrick

As mentioned above, both players are making plays early in camp. On this play, Stewart comes from Fitzpatrick’s blind side and well, if this were a game, Fitz would’ve eaten some dirt - take that to the bank.

It’s also worthy to take stock in the fact that this was during an 11-on-11 drill. Stewart’s versatility is coming in handy thus far.

Mike Evans’ awesome sideline grab

Mike Evans made two major plays today on the sideline. Check out Pewter Report’s awesome video of his first catch over Brent Grimes. He then later made a spectacular, acrobatic catch on the sideline where he tip-toed his way to a complete catch.

The first play was with Fitzpatrick throwing the ball and the second was with Jameis Winston. The only difference was one drill - Fitzpatrick’s - was an 11-on-11 while Winston’s was a 7-on-7. Regardless of quarterback or situation, it’s good to see Evans finding chemistry with whomever, whenever.

Gettin’ physical

I’ve watched this play over thirty times and even though it’s hard to tell which two players are involved, I think it’s Alan Cross and Nigel Harris.

The supposed-Harris comes flying in like a missile and the maybe-Cross does just about all he can to ward him off.

Football’s back, baby.

Fitzpatrick finding the right spot

We all know that Fitzpatrick is a veteran who has seen just about everything in the NFL. On this play, even though it’s 7-on-7, we see him just sit back and find the open man. One is led to believe that if this play is blocked correctly, then oftentimes this will be the final result.

Even more encouraging is the fact that it’s Adam Humphries that’s on the receiving end of this one. Fitzpatrick loves to spread the ball around when he can and nothing’s changed.

Winston and Brate doing their thing

One of the more effective quarterback-tight end duos in the league, Winston finds Brate on a quick pass for a moderate gain. Winston needs all the time he get with the first-team players.