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Ugly truth about the Bucs Creamsicle Uni’s...

Tampa Bay hasn’t had a throwback uniform game since 2013 and rules aside, it won’t be happening again.

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

Since banning throwbacks due to rule changes within the safety restrictions for uniforms in 2013, the team has had to forfeit the ability to toss on the throw back creamsicle and white in lieu of the leagues color rush games. Fans have longed for the chance of a throwback game and have ultimately been left to deal with color rush uniforms, thankfully a good look on the Bucs and the new updated and somewhat controversial uniforms have had to hold fans over.

Touching on a few quick things, we’ll start with the color rush uniforms that have taken over the league on Thursday Night Football. Each team has it’s own version and the Buccaneers all red is very appealing to the eye. As our own David Harrison wrote about, the Buccaneers have one of the best color rush jersey’s in the league. David touches on the reflective number’s and how well they accommodate the red pants and jersey.

The teams new uniforms have been a bit controversial among the fan base as a major love-hate debate over many aspects. I am in the seemingly smaller portion of the fan base that loves the new uniforms. Anyone with a differing opinion was encouraged to speak up and vote on just that in Gil Arcia’s post about the uniforms here. Poll results are on going and currently sit at 1,500 votes with the majority wanting the numbers changed as well as a slightly smaller portion who want a complete overhaul.

New jerseys plus color rush jerseys league wide are only a fraction of the reason we won’t be seeing the old creamsicle throwbacks. With the league rule changes keeping the Bucs from utilizing the old Bucco Bruce logo and jersey’s there’s also one other reason the team won’t dawn the uni’s. What reason could that be? The creamsicle uniforms are simply ugly. The jersey is ugly and it resembles a time in franchise history when the team was laughed at. It’s the Yucks reborn. Many fans long for the chance at a throwback game with this jersey, I for one scoff at this. Throwback to the old pewter and red if need be but keep those creamsicle abominations in the closet. Amidst years of agony since Gruden was sent packing, the last thing fans should want to see is another reminder of the dark ages in Tampa Bay Buccaneer history. Out with the old and in with the new, forever.

My stance on this jersey and it’s potential usage as a throwback uniform are clear. What say you? I know this uniform is dear to many fans on twitter. Is this the ultimate throwback fans want to see? What about the prior pewter uni’s? Take a look at our poll on Gil Arcia’s article above regarding the new uniforms. Make sure you stop by David’s piece on the color rush and give us all your feedback on the history of the Tampa Bay Buccaneer uniform’s in general. As always, Go Bucs!


What Do You Think Of The Creamsicles?

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    Hate Em!
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  • 41%
    Didn’t Mind Once A Year - I’m A Fan Of Nostalgia
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    Could Not Care Any Less
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