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The Curious Case Of Adam Humphries

With the offense looking to improve off of a sub-par 2017, where does Adam Humphries fit in?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

To say that there are questions surrounding the 2018 Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be an understatement. This was a team that was poised for a postseason run in 2017 only to disappoint and break the hearts of Bucs fans across the country. Now, they are facing a do-or-die season from multiple angles.

Whether you want to point to Jameis Winston’s suspension, the coaching staff’s apparent inability to put the players in a position to succeed, or you believe that Jason Licht has disappointed as General Manager, this team has to overcome all obstacles and finish 2018 on a winning note.

In order to do so, there are some glaring questions - or concerns - that fans are curious about. One of those is whether or not the offense can live up to expectations. The theme last off-season was to surround Winston with the weapons he needs. The Bucs did so by drafting tight end O.J. Howard and receiver Chris Godwin as well as signing receiver DeSean Jackson.

Now the Bucs have signed center Ryan Jensen to help bolster the offensive line, drafted running back Ronald Jones, cut ties with running back Doug Martin, and extended tight end Cameron Brate.

But where will all of this leave Adam Humphries?

Humphries, who signed a one-year $2.19M deal this off-season, was the team’s most reliable receiver outside of Mike Evans in 2017. Humphries finished with 61 receptions (second), 631 yards (third), 229 yards after catch (second), 33 first downs (third), and five receptions of 20 yards or more (fourth).

Now he faces a situation where DeSean Jackson is going to continue to get looks, Mike Evans is going to get his given that he’s one of the top receivers in football, and Chris Godwin will be more involved as his development takes the next step.

Godwin started to emerge towards the end of the season and appears to have all the makings of the number two receiver opposite Evans for the present into the future. If that is indeed the case, Godwin will have to see more snaps. In seeing more snaps, DJax and Humphries will be battling for the third receiver spot in some formations.

Now, this isn’t to say that Humphries and DJax won’t ever be on the field together. It’s simply pointing out that with this many offensive weapons - and we haven’t even brought up Cam Brate or O.J. Howard being on the field - there are only so many spots to go around.

Humphries’ usage is a mystery at this point, but with the one year contract it seems as though the Bucs may not view Humphries as being a big part of their future. Bucs fans will obviously want to see him be as involved as we’ve seen him be the past few seasons, as he is trusted and has great chemistry with Jameis Winston. That said, we’re in a hurry up and wait approach with Humphries and his future.