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Podcast: Previewing the Buccaneers wide receiver position

One of the most talented position groups on the Buccaneers is the wide receiver corps. How do we see things shaking out for them?

NFL: New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We all know about Mike Evans. We all know about DeSean Jackson. Even the casual NFL fan knows about those two. But that certainly isn’t the end of the line when it comes to talent for the Buccaneers’ wide receivers.

Despite Jackson’s disappointing debut season in Tampa Bay, there are still high expectations for him heading in to year two. In addition to the hopes that the DJax/Winston connection will improve, there is the emergence of Chris Godwin who will be entering his sophomore season.

Let us not forget Adam Humphries, Bobo Wilson, or rookie Justin Watson. All talented and will be relied upon to fill their roles.

But how do we see all this shaking out? David Harrison and I explore the position group as well as our expectations for them in the latest Locked On Bucs podcast. Click the link or check it out below!