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Ryan Jensen bringing physicality to Bucs practice

Jensen fitting right in with the rest of the Buccaneers offensive line.

Photo by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It was clear that the Buccaneers needed to get nastier along both the offensive and defensive lines this offseason. The team’s #1 target when free agency began was center Ryan Jensen, who previously played for the Baltimore Ravens. According to head coach Dirk Koetter, it seems as if Jensen is bringing exactly what the Buccaneers needed up to this point in terms of physicality.

“You can tell that he’s a gritty player,” Koetter said. “That’s something that we were looking for in all the guys that we added.”

Not only has Jensen brough that physicality, but he has also fit right in with the rest of the offensive line group. It is extremely important for both the offensive and defensive lines to have chemistry on and off the field and Jensen seems to have checked that box as well.

“The chemistry with personalities and stuff like that, we’re all a younger group, we can relate with each other really well,” Jensen said. “We hang out outside of football and stuff like that so the chemistry is very big on the offensive line and we’re really starting to click.”

It’s great to see the new addition getting along with the rest of his fellow lineman, but the real test will come in September. Jensen needs to be that force that helps get production out of the run game and limit the sacks on Jameis Winston. Until then, let’s hope he and the rest of the linemen continue to develop chemistry.