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Winston knows he has to start winning games

National media perception wont change until the wins start piling up.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

There is no question that Jameis Winston has improved in many different aspects of his game, but people seem to forget that and just look at his win-loss record. When people turn their attention to just the win-loss column, it isn’t very impressive to say the least. Winston has only won 18 of his 45 games that he has started in his first three seasons. That is a win percentage of .400. That stat right there is the reason that the majority of the national media doesn’t give Winston any respect and gives the Buccaneers virtually no shot to make any noise in 2018. Winston however, knows that once the team starts winning, the perception will change.

“I think everything in life comes down to are you winning or are you losing, and definitely at the quarterback position. In any terms of athletics, it’s about winning,” Winston said. “Winning games will make people forget a lot of things. Winning games will make people bring up unnecessary things. As long as we’re winning I’m happy and you guys [the media] are happy too [when we’re winning].”

In comparison to Marcus Mariota, who took a huge step back last season and threw 15 interceptions to only 13 touchdowns the media gave him a pass. You ask why? The Titans went to the divisional round of the playoffs, that’s why. I’m not saying it’s fair and I’m not saying that’s how things should be, but that’s how the majority of people look at things. Winston knows he has to get back to winning games, just like he did in his second season.

“Again, I look to improve every single year. From year one to year two, I had improvement which matters most. I declined last year so I definitely have to get back up on winning,” Winston said. “I think that is one of the most important things, definitely, playing this position.”

Last year was a huge learning experience for the team, but especially for Winston. It was a tough year from the start, as he hurt his shoulder in Week 3 and wasn’t fully recovered until Week 13. The biggest challenge for Winston this season isn’t staying healthy, but it’s getting back to winning football games and putting the team in the best position possible.

“Just on putting us in a better position to win. I think that’s the most important thing. We have to win, we have to win some games,” Winston said.

He is right, they do have to win some games and until they start doing so, Winston will always receive the short end of the stick from the national media.