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Jensen, McCoy “getting into it” during Buccaneers practice

The Bucs vet being tested by the new guy.

Photo by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay wanted to get meaner and tougher along the offensive line this offseason and they did so with the acquisition of veteran center Ryan Jensen.

Jensen has been known for his grit and nastiness on the playing field. He is already bringing it to Buccaneers practice which is a welcoming site. What else is cool? He’s bringing it against veteran All-Pro defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

Franchise quarterback Jameis Winston made an appearance on The Blitz on Sirius XM NFL Radio. Via Joe Bucs Fan, Winston was asked about Jensen’s physicality and had said the following.

“Man, [Jensen] and Gerald [McCoy] are already getting into it in practice and we just have helmets on,” Jameis said. “So I just love that nasty, grit that Ryan brings. You have to love that out of a center.

“My first year I had Logan Mankins, that guy is a Hall of Fame offensive guard. His grit and his competitiveness, it was infectious among our offense. And it is going to be great to have a guy in the middle of it all that is leading this offensive line with that competitiveness.”

That is good to hear. This type of competition will only allow them to raise their game to another level. Plus, the Bucs needed this type of “mean” on the roster.

Hopefully they found that in Jensen.