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Jameis Winston’s really good under pressure

Bucs franchise quarterback rated high when the pocket collapses.

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Coming out of college, one of Jameis Winston’s traits was his ability to move within the pocket. He showed that at the combine as well as at his Florida State Pro Day.

Fast forward to the present and that hasn’t changed at the pro level. The Buccaneers’ franchise quarterback has always done a good job keeping his head up and eyes down the field when scrambling and trying to stay alive in the pocket. More often than not he has been able to find a receiver to throw the ball to (and complete it).

If you are one that has been unable to see that while watching games, you’re in luck.

Thanks to the stat warriors over at Pro Football Focus, they have Winston rated as the second best quarterback of 2017 via passer rating when under pressure.

Winston undoubtedly needs to put a stronger grip on the ball and limit his fumbles because that is the only thing that fuels the naysayers. But the arrow has continued to point “up” for the 24-year-old signal caller with each game that he is able to overcome those errors and put the Bucs in position to win.

Given what he has had to work with in Tampa Bay, it’s been good to see how well he’s done to this point.