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Would Adrian Peterson fit in the running back rotation?

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Media outlet suggests Bucs should kick the tires on the veteran back.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Spring Game Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Buccaneers have a group of backs entering the 2018 season where you can either be confident in or still have questions about. The selection of USC’s Ronald Jones II and another year of Peyton Barber provides some kind of hope, but the questions are more so for the back end of the depth.

Tampa Bay is bringing back Charles Sims and Jacquizz Rodgers and signed Dalton Crossan this offseason. Rodgers and Sims provide familiarity in the Bucs offense as well as experience while Crossan adds a body for depth. There just isn’t much production expected out of those three.

So are the Bucs looking to add more to that group? According to Florida Football Insiders, they should. And that addition should by the name of veteran running back Adrian Peterson.

So, Peterson is 33 years old, and looking, again for a home.

And Tampa Bay might be just what he and they are both looking for this year.

Even though the Bucs have young RB Peyton Barber, who has two years in coach Dirk Koetter’s system, and drafted USC speedster Ronald Jones last month, Peterson, when healthy, might fit the short term veteran role.

The suggestion is an interesting one. From the perspective of bringing in a veteran for a proven voice in the locker room, it may be a great addition. The question, however, becomes what Peterson is really looking for in terms of team and salary.

As for teams, Peterson recently appeared on ESPN’s NFL Live (video below) and listed Houston, Green Bay, Carolina, Miami, and St, Louis (I’m sure he totally meant the L.A. Rams). He also added that he’d be willing to return to New Orleans.

So are the Bucs a possibility? I wouldn’t hold my breath.